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      I'm Tony Santini, The sole owner and operator of Santini Sports. I'm just a good old italian boy who grew up in the streets of Brooklyn. Growing up in a large family back then that was very involved in sports wagering gave me the knowledge of learning what not to do more than what I should do. The most important lesson was not to become a gambler, knowledge and research gain you power and profit. Like any other job the harder you work the better the rewards. I also learned that its the quality of the picks that count, not the quantity of them. I see so many handicappers playing 7 or more games a day... some even play every game each day. In the long haul that's a losing proposition. Not to mention its unfair to the client. Most sports bettors only have a large enough bankroll to play 3 to 4 games a day at the most. If you pay a service that gives you 10 games a day you have to try and guess which 4 are the best to play. Well if guessing is going to be involved, then why pay someone when you can guess yourself for free?
      I've been handicapping sports since I was as young as 17 and consider myself an expert in all major sports although I think my best attribute comes from pro football. I still wager myself daily and I'm now Im offering my winning picks at very reasonable prices to supplement my income even more. All My picks are documented by third party services and my record speaks for itself.

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